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How to Place fruits gift Order?

Whatapps : 016 90 60 611

Online order : 

To provide fresher sensitive fruits, we don't keep stock therefore we require pre-order in advanced at least 2-4 days.

Steps to Place An order Online

1. Login / Register as member - fill up the details or login with Facebook is faster

2. Select your preferred hamper by click on "add to cart"

3. Click on checkout

4. Shipping Address - Please check carefully whether the delivery areas are covered. Kindly fill up the shipping address and billing address. Please note that shipping address is the receiver address and billing address is the sender address, if you want us to send to yourself the two address should be same but if you want us to send to your special ones then the two address should be different.

Therefore, please take note on the "same with shipping address" and "provide another address".

5. Remarks- Kindly leave your wishing note and choose your prefer date. We can help you to print a small wishing note on a paper card.

6. Payment- There are two types of payment method. One is Paypal or credit card while another one will be bank transfer. If you are using Paypal or credit card, kindly note that there will be 4.4% + RM 2 interest charged by Paypal.

7. Congratulations! Your order has been submitted! There will be an email revert to you. Please be patience and wait for the fruitful and sweet moment.